[Chameleon] Trying to get Chameleon Installed - round 2
Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:55:59 -0500
On 27 Oct 2003 at 10:28, Paul Spencer wrote:

> > 1) I get a Server 500 error that is being caused by the Scalebar 
> > widget. If i change the cwc2 tag to cwc3 on the scalebar widget the 
> > page loads fine without the scalebar, but leave it as cwc2 and it 
> > dies.
> um.  if you right-click on where the scalebar image *should be* and get 
> the image url, you can copy that url to a separate tab/window and load 
> the scalebar image directly.  This may give you some error messages.

If I leave the tag as cwc2 then I get a server 500 error and there is 
not page rendered, just the premature end of headers message. So no 
URL to chase down.

Changing the tag to cwc3, is the same as removing the tag from the 
template as it is just processed as an unrecognizable html tag and 
hence does not have an html generated so there again is nothing to 
look at and no url to chase down.

I suppose I can chase down the crashing line in the widget by move a 

print "<br>Here\n";

pair through the widget code until I can localize the line that 
crashes. This is pretty tedious and I was hoping you might have some 
insight into what might be causing it.


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