[Chameleon] oMapSession and MapQuery object

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Wed Aug 11 12:24:50 EDT 2004

Will posted the following yesterday in regards to one of my questions:

When you extend the NavTool widget you need to reference the Map object 
this way:


So your array of layer names would be like this:

$aszLayerNames =

Hope that helps,


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I am writing a custom widget, based on the 1.99 Query widget, which
displays results in a popup window. My intent is to exectue a point
query on a layer, but not use a popup window. I just want the query

I've got my new widget working. It extends the NavTool widget and I'm
trying to move the code from Query/QueryResults.phtml (this is the
source for the Query popup window into my custom widget.

But I seem to be having trouble with $oMapSession, used to create a
MapQuery object: $oMapQuery = new MapQuery($oMapSession);

In my widget I have:
define("LOAD_MAPSESSION", 1);
include_once( CHAMELEON_PATH."/common/wrapper/map_query.php" );

The MapQuery->executePointQuery() is returning no results.  I suspect
the $oMapSession because the $oMapSession->$oMap->nLayers is not set.

In my widget I can successfully use:
$oMap =& $this->moMapObject->oMap;

So perhaps my problem is how to access $oMapSession in a NavTool widget?

Very similiar code in the QueryResults.phtml works fine.


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