[Chameleon] Sudden Appearance of Gremlins.....

Pascoe,Tim [Burlington] Tim.Pascoe at ec.gc.ca
Tue Aug 31 10:00:15 EDT 2004

	I've been experimenting with Chameleon 1.99Beta for about 2 weeks now, and have had it running very smoothly. Yesterday, I added an OGR layer to my map file to display points from a SQL-Server database, and other than a projection issue, all was well. This morning, all is not well.
	When I try and launch the application, I eventually get a timeout error, and the processor usage on my PC goes to 100%. Closing the browser window does not stop the process taking all the CPU cycles, which appears to be PHP.exe. I tried stripping the map file back down to a basic single layer, to no avail. However, I can issue requests directly to mapserv.exe and retrieve map images just fine.
	Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I'm running IIS, Windows XP, PHP 4.3.8, MapServer 4.2.3 with Chameleon 1.99 Beta.

	Suggestions would be much appreciated.

Timothy Pascoe

Environment Canada / Environnement Canada
Canada Centre for Inland Waters / Centre Canadien des Eaux Intérieures
867 Lakeshore Road / 867, chemin Lakeshore
Burlington, Ontario / Burlington (Ontario)
L7R 4A6

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Government of Canada/Gouvernement du Canada

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