[Chameleon] sample css problems

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Thu Dec 2 14:23:42 EST 2004

I have been adjusting the sample CSS file to fit a project I am working 
on. One of the changes I made was adjusting the MainMapLayer and the 
PanArrowsLayer div's upwards to better fit with the project design. This 
works just as it should, however a problem I am having is moving the 
reference layer up to match.

It draws as it should, up until the map image is dropped into the 
MainMapLayer, then you can see the ReferenceLayer get adjusted downwards 
  to an improper position. Same holds true for a change I made the 
legend/other tools div's where they extend to the bottom of the page. 
Works fine up till the map image gets drawn, then it pulls back up to a 
shorter height. If I remove the CWC tag that draws the map the page 
draws exactly as I want it to.

Anyone experience this or have thoughts on what might be going on. I 
have looked at the source output and I dont see any problems.


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