[Chameleon] Query Widget and WMS layers added via WMSBrowser widget

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Dec 8 20:02:47 EST 2004


you will need to look at the difference between the layer you add 
manually and the layer that gets added using WMS Browser by finding the 
latest mapfile in the newest session directory in the tmp directory.

There is probably some difference (perhaps subtle like tolerance) that 
is causing problems.



Ken Sanderson wrote:
> Trying to get this working and not seeming to have much luck.
> If I put a WMS layer in my MAP file with a template specified then I 
> have no problems using the query tool to query a specific WMS layer.
> However if I add the extact same WMS layer to my map using the WMS 
> Browser widget, it wont return anything from my query attempts, though 
> it does return:
> The following layers did not return any results:
> National_Ecosites-ecozones
> Which makes me think that its atleast trying. Is this possible, and is 
> there some trick to it that I obviously dont know?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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