[Chameleon] Best way to change popup CSS path for a specific application?

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Mon Dec 13 14:23:20 EST 2004

Basically trying to add the color scheme of a specific application to 
its popup's.

Looking through the files I found a line that looked like it checked if 
gszCSSFile was empty, and if so use the default, if not than use it. So 
in my main PHP page for the application, I added the following line, to 
point to a new location.

$_SESSION['gszCSSFile'] = "G:/myproject/popup.css";

This works great for my personal IE 6.0 browser, but not the person 
sitting next time, nor for my firefox. No idea why that bit of PHP is 
causing a cross browser problem, but thought I would see if anyone has 
done this and if so how did they do it?



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