[Chameleon] Remote Template/context document question, and potential code con tributions

West, Chris chwest at pfc.cfs.nrcan.gc.ca
Wed Dec 15 19:58:30 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if it is possible to get the CWC2 service instance to work
with template and context files that are not on the same web server as the
Chameleon/CWC2 instance. 
An example URL that I'm trying is:

I recall that in an earlier version of CWC2 this was possible, but I
couldn't find any examples of this in the ServiceInstance documentation for
Version 1.99
The main problem that I am running into is that a blank map is returned
anytime one of the Navigation widgets is used.

On a different subject. We have made some slight bug fixes for a few of the
widgets, as well as creating some new widgets. Is there a procedure for
Chameleon users to submit potential code/documentation contributions to the
Chameleon project?


Chris West 
Natural Resources Canada, Ressources naturelles Canada     
Canadian Forest Service,  Service Canadien des forêts      
Pacific Forestry Centre,  Centre de foresterie du Pacifique 
506 West Burnside Road,   506, chemin Burnside ouest       
Victoria, BC              Victoria, (C.-B.),               
CANADA V8Z 1M5            CANADA V8Z 1M5      
Tel: (250) 363-3212       Facs: (250) 363-0775 

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