[Chameleon] Chameleon and php safe mode

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Dec 17 08:30:00 EST 2004

Good question!

Having reviewed http://www.php.net/manual/en/features.safe-mode.php I 
don't see any reason why PHP could not be put into safe mode to run 
Chameleon, but I think that you need to read up on this feature and 
really understand the consequences of safe mode.  In particular, there 
are a lot of settings related to safe mode that would need to be 
correctly configured.  If anyone wants to take the time to figure it 
out, I would be happy to include instructions in the installation manual 
or make the changes in Chameleon necessary to make it work (assuming 
that they are reasonably trivial changes).

Probably the biggest issue would be with session management, since 
session.php actually creates directories for the session.  The first 
user note for this feature talks about the pitfalls of scripts that 
create directories when running in safe mode.  I am sure that some of 
the settings could be used to work around this, but it would require 
some testing for sure.



bartvde at xs4all.nl wrote:
> Hi list,
> does anybody have an idea why Chameleon does not run in php safe mode?
> safe_mode=On in php.ini
> What would be involved in enabling Chameleon to run in safe mode? Or is
> this "theoretically" impossible?
> Best regards,
> Bart
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