[Chameleon] Mapsheet Query

Rene Teniere
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 14:01:18 -0400
Hi All.

I am in the process of creating a query to a polygon, whereby the user
would type in the mapsheet number (provincial standard, not NTS), then
search and zoom in to it. I know that Paul mentioned to Jeff Berry that
you should start by modifying the Locate Widget, which I have done,
however, I am very new to PHP, and would like some hints as to how to go
about this. I have it set up to call the specific case once the locate
button is clicked, but I would like to now what to pass to mapserver (ie
besides the user's mapsheet number) in order for the query to work.

Would I use something like this, except instead of a point, I would
search for the mapsheet polygon?
$oMapQuery = new MapQuery( $oMapSession );
$oResultSet = $oMapQuery->executePointQuery( $adMin[0],$adMin[1] );

Or would a new service that would just do a query be the way to go?


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