[Chameleon] display coordinate in lat/long

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Jul 12 10:22:36 EDT 2004

Currently it is not possible to display the cursor position in anything 
other than the projection defined in the map file.  The reason is that 
Chameleon produces a client-side web application, but the projection 
software that would be used to convert the cursor position into lat/lon 
runs on the server.  It is not practical to call this library for every 
cursor movement.

We have discussed possible solutions to this, the most viable seems to 
be production of a javascript array containing pre-projected points, say 
every ten pixels, and using this grid to map the current cursor position 
into the re-projected coordinate system.

I don't think there are any plans to implement this right now.



Eric Bridger wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 23:02, Paul Spencer wrote:
>>for map-file-related questions please use the mapserver-users mailing list.
>>mickel delay wrote:
>>>Dear list
>>>i want to display coordinate of map file in lat/long
>>>format from wgs84 DATUME ,in chameleon.
>>>but i want to do not use from chameleon tools for
>>>converting coordinate from metric to geographic WSG84.
>>>i need  a map file that selected  correct datume and
>>>projection for this problem.
>>>please direct me with a map file example
> I want to do something similar but I DO want to use Chameleon. I'm using
> the CursorPos widget. My map is in a UTM projection, zone 19.  What
> should be my approach to getting CursorPos to display lat/long vs.
> meters.
> Eric

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