[Chameleon] click object in chameleon

Eric Bridger eric at gomoos.org
Thu Jul 15 11:07:00 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 02:46, mickel delay wrote:
> Dear list
> Hi 
> i show my query result by a symbol in my map in
> chameleon with direction of Mr.Paul Spencer for using
> ovf file format.
> but i have new problem,i describe my problem :
> i show my query result in chameleon map application
> with a symbol,also i have more information about each
> object that i show with a symbol in chameleon and tend
> if i click each  symbol in chameleon then i show the
> information of it in HTML page.
> please direct me for this application.

I think you would want to use the Query widget <cwc2 type="Query" ...>.
In your LAYER make sure you have a 
TEMPLATE "anything.html" and perhaps DUMP TRUE.

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