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Mon, 1 Mar 2004 14:01:52 -0500
The Wiki about Chameleon, IIS and Windows 2000 is for 1.0.4 not 1.1

Nicolas Fortin

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I tried a couple of days to get chameleon 1.1 work. It doesn't. I have a
working installation of Maplab that works fine, except for the colour picker
that do not display, (maybe some java configuration problem, I have only
Microsoft VM), so Mapserver, PHP, PHP mapscript is assumed to be correctly
installed, and I can navigate in all the demos I found. I could even deploy
an application using Gmf_factory and with the help of the list, I was able
to add to the rosa tools the ruler widget, (next days I'll post the
suggestion the list provided). Chameleon instead, doesn't work. I get the
same problems posted on the list by Tracy Howlett in december, when tring to
access the test.html or demo.html file I can't see any widget, while
accessing chameleon.php returns a blank page. I read all the suggestions, I
tried the indications in Chamaleon Wiki about installing with IIS and
windows 2000 (which is my system), I tried a lot of times changing paths
over paths unsuccessfully, and since I cannot get any error message I don't
know what to do now.
inside the last version of chameleon 1.1, I cannot find cwc2.php wich was
present in the previous release (I need it or no ?, cwc2.php is referred by
other files, so I made the supposition that cwc2.php was missing, but even
adding to the installation, chameleon still doesn't work)

the reference to geobase_en.html in cwc2.xml is needed ? It is missing in my
installation and I don't know where to get it.

which is the html, or php or phtml file that I have to access to start the
chameleon environment ?

Any help will be greately appreciated. But please be simple I'am a newbie.

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