[Chameleon] Querying to generate a report!
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 15:26:24 +0100 (CET)

did you define a TEMPLATE in your LAYER?

  TEMPLATE "blank.html"

If you have points it is best so set some tolerance, otherwise you or your
user has to click very precisely.

Best regards,

> Hey
> Wondering if anyone can help
> What I have is an access database with many fields(lat, long, description,
> etc).  Right now I have all the lats and longs plotted to the map.  What I
> want to be able to do is, when I click one of the points on the map,
> generate a report containing some of the information from the database for
> that particular point.
> I've been told that the Query widget takes care of this, but right now if
> I try and query I get a popup box saying "no query results for this layer"
> I'm using the most recent version of Chameleon/Mapserver, well the ones
> that allow support for plotting points to the map from a database.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
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