[Chameleon] Download and Printer Friendly Map problems in Map Production
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 18:13:25 +0100

   I am using the Chameleon 1.1 alpha6 (October 31, 2003) version. All the 
widgets I have implemented in my application work. I have just some problems 
with the Print widget.
   The Map Production page is display. The problem happened when I click either 
on Download or Printer Friendly Map. I have also a php dialog box error (php 
has generated error and ...).
   So, the error I get in the error.log of Apache is :
 - after a click on Download Button :
    " Premature end of script headers: php.exe "
and the download page display : "500 Internal Server Error"
 - after a click on Printer Friendly Map :
    " Premature end of script headers: php.exe, referer: 
sid=4046084609149&selImageFormat=GIF "
and the preview page display a broken image.

  I have already developped an application in the same environment 
configuration using another version of chameleon (Chameleon (CWC2) 1.0.5 
release (December 10, 2003) ) and the print widget had worked.

My configuration :
MapServer version 4.0.1
PHP 4.3.3
Apache 2.0.48
Windows 2000

   Thanks for any help


Université de Bretagne sud                     

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