[Chameleon] EPPL7 support is not available

Paul Spencer
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 11:42:54 -0500

When mapserver tries to draw a layer, it will attempt to use all the 
drivers it knows about.  The EPPL7 driver is the very last driver it 
will try.  This means that if the layer fails to draw for any reason, 
you will see this error message.  Unfortunately, this makes it difficult 
to diagnose the problem.  The most common reason that I have seen for 
this is that the server is returning either a ServiceException (which 
mapserver does not yet detect and parse into a reasonable error message) 
or it is returning an image in an unrecognized format ... for instance 
it is returning a GIF image and mapserver is not built to support GIF 
images.  The second happens suprisingly often as WMS servers often 
advertise multiple image formats but don't respect them in the getmap 

Perhaps if you post the URL to the WMS server, I could diagnose the 
problem more completely.



Fortin,Nicolas [SteFoy] wrote:

> Hi list,
> While I tried to draw a Geotiff layer, I got this message :
> EPPL7 support is not available.
> Unrecognized or unsupported image format 
> Failed to draw layer named 'ORTHO97-1997LSP_1'.
> The WMS services is online and can be access by other WMS client and mapserver.
> Why can I get the layer??
> Nicolas Fortin 
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> SMC-Québec Hydrologie, Environnement Canada 
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