[Chameleon] Access Issues
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:02:52 -0500

Thanks!  It turns out I was missing one single "/" in the cwc2.xml config
file.  After messing around with it for half a day, I finally figured that
out ;)



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Darren, wrote:

> Hello list,
> I have set up a Chameleon demo using the MS4W package.  I am able to 
> run
> everything perfectly on my machine, through the webserver.  However, 
> when trying to access the application on another computer, the map image 
> and the key map do not work (the famous red x shows up).  

I would expect that the problem is related to your cwc2.xml file in 
chameleon/config ... you need to change the web path for your 
installation from http://localhost/ to your real server name/ip

> The rest of
> the template loads fine (including buttons and scalebar).  Where are the 
> map and key map images stored?  All I can find are  *.img.tmp files in 
> the tmp directory, which, when opened with an image viewer, show up as 
> the main map image, but are not .png files.  How does this work?  I 
> cannot find the key map at all, in any form.  The .img.tmp files are in 
> the same folder as the scalebar image, which is obviously accessible, 
> since it works fine.

The map and keymap images are generated by a php script on the fly, they 
are never written to the harddrive.  The Scalebar and other images are 
written to the hard drive

> I am at a loss as to why the images are not accessible.  Any ideas?
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