[Chameleon] Performing test - chameleon 1.1

Schnider Markus
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 10:59:52 +0100
Hi all,

I've made some stress test with chameleon 1.1.
The results are surprising me, can someone explain the results?

First, I've read the access.log of apache:
On the first PC:
First call (no buttons, images, ... created, new session) : 4 s
Second call (some buttons, images, session, ... are created) : 5 s
On the second PC:
First : 2 s
Second : 3 s

Takes it some much time to read the session ? 1 s ?

Second, I've made a test with a stress tool:
(some buttons, images, session, ... are created)
On the first PC:
creation of HTML : 2.17 s
creation of KeyMap : 1.11 s
creation of Map : 2.01 s
On the second PC:
creation of HTML : 0.86 s
creation of KeyMap : 0.51 s
creation of Map : 0.73 s

Why is the time for the keymap so high ?

Is it only PHP or also php_mapscript ?

Kind regards

Markus Schnider
Sourcepole AG

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