[Chameleon] Questions about ROI's widgets

Jason Fournier
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 10:33:35 -0500

I don't believe it sets a hidden variable when you clear an ROI (well, 
none that I can find anyways).  It calls this function:

function ROIRemoveAll()

and uses the ROIManager to handle states.  That being said it would be 
quite easy to modify this function so that you could set a hidden 
variable in your template.  Alternatively you could access the 
goCWCROIManager object to determine the state of an ROI through javascript.


we wei wrote:

>Hi all,
>I got a question about ROI's widgets.  I just wonder
>if ROIRemoverAll widget is executed, is there any
>javascript or form variables which indicates there are
>no ROI specified regions left ?  
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