[Chameleon] maptips/projectionselector in cvs

Liz Godwin godwinl at agr.gc.ca
Fri May 7 10:38:31 EDT 2004

Not the only one....

I've been playing all week with cvs, checking daily for little changes.
 The samples good fantastic! 

Anyway... I don't really need this feature right now, but I was just
playing..  the maptips don't seem to work for me in the enhanced sample,
in either Firefox or IE.  I dont' know what error message to give you, I
don't get any.  I open th emaptips window, add a maptip (only accepts
for one layer), click ok, and then the  main application window
processes, and then when i hover over the map, nothing happens.  I also
don't know what is supposed to happen.  I just thoiught I'd comment here
anyway in case it was of any use.

Also.. I haven't been able to use the ProjectionSelector widget in the
samples or my own apps.  I get an error when I try:
Fatal error: [MapServer Error]: msSaveMap(): (/tmp/ttt1.map) in
C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\common\wrapper\map_session.php on line

Cheers,  Liz

>>> <bartvde at xs4all.nl> 05/07/04 10:10AM >>>
Hi Paul,

I guess I am the first one to try :-)

One problem I face is that there must have been some kind of change in
PopupCSS sharedresource.

I used to have a relative URL in it, like:
<cwc2 type="SharedResource" name="PopupCSS"

Now it seems to want a file system path instead, but I can't get it to

Hopefully you can explain how to use this now Paul.

Best regards,

> All,
> Chameleon in cvs is now fixed up and reasonably stable.  This means
> we are now on a short path to the first beta release for Chameleon
> There are a few known issues with some of the widgets, I will be
> starting to document them in bugzilla shortly.  If you find any
> with the cvs version, please report them on this list or directly to
> bugzilla.
> Once the beta is released, we will take some time to look through
> issues in bugzilla and resolve as many as practical/necessary to get
> new beta or release candidate out the door,
> Thanks for your patience,
> Paul
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