[Chameleon] last of my button troubles?

bartvde at xs4all.nl bartvde at xs4all.nl
Mon May 10 08:36:33 EDT 2004

I just saw both buttons get the exact same id and name in HTML, maybe this
is causing the problems?

Any way to make sure the id's are completely unique?

<img name="fc4252aa6a7ec90390ba83b7b36d9e75"
src="/ms_tmp/buttons/40979ff60e7c9befa43ca6361bee1b6d.png" width="75"
height="24" ALT="Bewaren" TITLE="Bewaren" BORDER="0">
<script language="Javascript">
goCWCButtonManager.AddButton( new
CWCButton("fc4252aa6a7ec90390ba83b7b36d9e75", 0, "null", download, "map",
"/ms_tmp/buttons/d5082f0b6c01ea514cd225acedd78aa9.png") );

Best regards,

> Hi Paul (cc list),
> I did get the button parameters working in Mozilla, but not in IE.
> Why does the makeButton function always prepend a "null" as the first
> parameter value?
> I had to adapt my function to insert a dummy first parameter in order to
> get it working:
> function openPreview(dummy, format)
> Also the makeButton function adds its own quotes around the string, so I
> had to remove those in my makeButton call (layout instead of 'layout').
> <?php echo makeButton( 'download', layout, 'GeoservicesPrint',
> 'images/icon_save.png', trim($oMLT->get("23", "Download")),
> trim($oMLT->get("23", "Download")), array( 'width' => 75 )); ?>
> As I said in Mozilla it works, but in IE not. I have 2 buttons which call
> the same js function, but with a different parameter (layout and map). The
> second button does not hover and cannot be clicked in IE.
> Any thoughts, this must be something pretty deep in the button core?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,
> Bart
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