[Chameleon] WMSBrowser widget

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Tue May 11 22:19:42 EDT 2004

Some corrections

* $_SESSION['gszCSSFile'] instead of $_SESSION['PopupCSS']
* and it won't work anyway because the styles used in here are not the 
ones used in popup.css (at least, there are different ones used by 

So the real solution is to provide the ability to specify a css file to 
use in the wmsbrowser application as part of the widget tag, with the 
default being to use the one provided by the widget in the chameleon 

This probably won't be done for the beta release so I'll file a bug 
using the contents of this email to remind me to look at this at some 
point ...



PS just to be clear, popups from the WMS browser window will use the 
PopupCSS from the main application that launched it.  What doesn't 
happen and can't work is the use of the PopupCSS in the WMS browser 
window since it does not use the same class names as the PopupCSS defines.

Paul Spencer wrote:

> Bart,
> the WMSBrowser is problematic because it is actually a standalone 
> chameleon application as well as a widget.  Or it was written as a 
> standalone application, I should say, then converted to a widget.  This 
> makes it difficult to refer to the popupcss in the app template because 
> it is a template.
> What needs to be done is:
> 1. remove static references to css and replace with [$PopupCSS$]
> 2. add $oApp->setVar( 'PopupCSS', $_SESSION['PopupCSS'] ); in the 
> WMSBrowser.php just before $oApp->CWCExecute();
> 3. replace static images with <CWC2 Type="Link" linktype="javascript" 
> jsfunction=" ... " .... > ... </cwc2> to create correct buttons
> The complication here is that the WMSBrowser application page would need 
> its own sharedresource for styling the link widgets, which may or may 
> not coincide with the app developers main page's sharedresources 
> (documentation issue I guess).
> Anyway, it can be done and should be done :)  I'll try to get to it.
> Paul
> bartvde at xs4all.nl wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I have noticed the WMSBrowser widget is the only widget (AFAIK) which 
>> uses
>> its own css file. This makes it difficult to have several Chameleon
>> applications which use different colors. For this one would use the
>> PopupCSS shared resource normally, but the WMSBrowser widget does not use
>> this popup.css.
>> Are there any specific reasons for this structure? Ofcourse the 
>> WMSBrowser
>> widget is a specific widget because it is a Chameleon application by
>> itself. Would it theoretically be possible in the current Chameleon
>> structure to pass the value of the PopupCSS shared resource to the
>> WMSBrowser widget?
>> Another question, would it (theoretically) be possibly to use makeButton
>> functions in the WMSBrowser instead of the static images?
>> Best regards,
>> Bart
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