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Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Thu May 27 17:37:14 EDT 2004

Liz, replies in line:

Godwin, Liz wrote:

> These are some observations from working with the WMS browser lately.  I 
> don't know if they are bugs, so I'm posting here.  If there is 
> spomething additional I need to do to make it work better, I'm all for 
> hearing about it.
> 1.  After adding a server, server isn't added to the list in WMSBrowser 
> popup until after close and re-open window, or refresh window.

this works in mozilla, not in IE (bug)

> 2.  when USEUSERSESSION=true: layers from servers added by user cannot 
> be added to the map.  There is an error saying that layer[x] does not 
> exist in capab.dbf file or something like that.  This behaviour doesn't 
> happen when USEUSERSESSION isn't listed as a parameter in the widget 
> (=false)

I am assuming this is a bug, I didn't test it.  It should work though.

> 3.  Now this is just annoying...  the Manage Servers is the default 
> selection, so that you have to chnage the selection and then change it 
> back to manage the servers.  Could this be made a button instead?

again, this works in mozilla, not in IE (bug).  In mozilla, the current 
server is selected.  If there is no server, then the first element of 
the list is selected ... for just this purpose.

I don't intend to change this to a button.

I've filed these in bugzilla:


but you don't seem to be registered in bugzilla so I couldn't add you as 
a cc.

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