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Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Fri May 28 23:00:31 EDT 2004

Yes and no.  In some cases, this could be quite convenient.  In others, 
the widget's embedded representation is (or should be) different (often 
more compact) than the popup version.  MapSize is like this.  The 
embedded version is a combo box.  The popup version is a full out 
dialog, with title, body and close button ... In my opinion, I don't 
think most dialogs would embed very well without logic to determine if 
it is embedded and omit some or all of the interface.  So it seems 
easier to put it in drawpublish.

But on a related note, I was pondering a non-popup solution for 
Chameleon applications that would use an iframe in a DHTML layer to 
display all dialogs.  I think this has a lot of potential since it could 
be implemented without change to the dialogs by modifying the Popup.php 
file to do the necessary changes to the javascript.  At least, I think 
it could be that easy ;)



Bart van den Eijnden wrote:

> Hi list,
> some of the widgets have implemented the EMBEDDED widget parameter, so 
> they can operate both as popup and embedded in the application template. 
> As far as I could see, this requires some code to be added to the 
> drawPublish method of the widget, to generate the HTML.
> Would it not also be a (much faster) option to use an iframe in the 
> application template, and set the src of the iframe to the appropriate 
> phtml file with the SID parameter included?
> Or am I overseeing something?
> Best regards,
> Bart
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