[Chameleon] Using context files on startup with chameleon

Godwin, Liz Godwinl at AGR.GC.CA
Mon May 31 11:39:11 EDT 2004

I have a chameleon application that is running with a plain map file and a context file, which contains the layer info for the map.
In my index.phtml file, the context is loaded with the oMap->loadMapContext() command.
This command will ONLY accept a FULL local filesystem string.  ie.. "/ms4w/apps/appname/htdocs/contextfile.xml"
I'd like to write my application to allow it to accept a remote context file (http://host/appname/contextfile.xml)?  I know chameleon is capable because it has a widget that does this.  What code would I need to use here instead.  I'm poking around the ContextSelector widget, but if someone has a quick answer it may save me some time.  
Liz Godwin

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