[Chameleon] IE: scrollbar or dropdownlist and zoom

Schnider Markus msr at sourcepole.ch
Wed Nov 17 05:38:38 EST 2004

Hi list

I have a problem with IE and only with IE.

If I have a small window, the map is to great and the scrollbar of the window 
covers the map, then I click on this scrollbar: the begin of the zoomin is 

If I have a dropdownlist over the map and I open the dropdownlist and would 
select a last option, which is over the map, then the action zoomin (, 
zoomout, pan, ...) is executed.

I don't want to execute javascript actions, if I want only select an option in 
a select box or only scroll.

How could I temporarly stop this actions?
Is it implemented in CVS?

With Mozilla, FireFox, Opera I have never seen this 'feature'.


Markus Schnider

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