[Chameleon] add a new language

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Oct 4 09:48:55 EDT 2004


GeoDan has added dutch translations to Chameleon, I believe that it was 
as simple as adding a new column in the dbf files but there may have 
been a few other tasks.  That would certainly be a great place to start, 

It is a somewhat daunting task, however :(  I am planning to modify the 
way this works in the future to make it easier to manage this stuff. 
Unfortunately that is probably not going to happen until next year.

If you can, please contribute your experiences in doing this to the list 
or make a page in the chameleon wiki so we can incorporate this in the 
product documentation when it is written.

Also, if you are interesting in contributing your changes to the 
community, I would like to add them to the cvs version of chameleon when 
you are done.  We can discuss this off-list if you like.



Schnider Markus wrote:
> Hello List
> How can I add a new language?
> I will have more than 2 languages: 3 or more.
> How is it possible to create this?
> Have I only to add a new column to the dbf files or have I to change more?
> Kind Regards
> Markus Schnider
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