[Chameleon] Message 'Your session is invalid or has expired'

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Fri Oct 8 22:26:50 EDT 2004


this wouldn't start happening for no reason :)  The trick is to figure out what 
changed.  The error message can be generated for a variety of reasons, some of which 
might be:

1. the session directory on the server has been deleted

2. the session directory has been marked as 'expired' by php (normally controlled by the 
session timeout in php.ini)

3. the session variable being passed to these pages is no longer valid or missing

Did you recently update your chameleon from cvs?  It is possible that something is 
broken on linux (I haven't tested all of my recent changes on linux yet).

Has anything else changed on the server?



On Oct 8 , "Langlois, Dominic" <langlois at nrcan.gc.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> Since few days now, I am receiving the message 'Your session is invalid or
> has expired" each time
> that I call a widget as Projection or Locate or any other widget who popups
> a window.. I have tried
> to check the code to find out what is happening but I can't figure out what
> has changed to now produce 
> this message.
> Which situation will cause such message to occur ? Any hint or help will be
> greatly appreciated.
> I am working with chameleon 1.99 B1 on a Linux machine.
> Thanks.
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