[Chameleon] textbutton label vertical align

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Oct 16 08:56:40 EDT 2004


try adding <nudge value="-1"/> to your sharedresource.  The value of 
this parameter is the amount to move the label vertically, you will have 
to experiment with the amount.

Note that the labels should be centered by default.  The code does go to 
some pains to figure out the height of the text and center it.  If it is 
not getting centered, then something is wrong with the code or with 
PHP/GD/FreeType reporting the height of the text.  Since labels are 
normally centered just fine, I suspect a PHP/GD/FreeType reporting issue.

Can you provide details on your platform(OS), PHP version, GD version 
and FreeType version please?  Also, is your app web-accessible so I can 
take a look at it?  Also a phpinfo page would be useful.



Ken-ichi wrote:
> Hi all.  Is there a way to control the vertical alignment of the label 
> within a textbutton?  All of my labels seem to align to the top of the 
> button, while the icon aligns to the middle, which makes the button look 
> a little weird.
> Thanks.
> -Ken-ichi
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