[Chameleon] widgets w/o SharedResource?

Ken-ichi kueda at wso.williams.edu
Wed Oct 20 17:01:36 EDT 2004

Is it possible to use widgets like ErrorReport and LegendTemplate 
WITHOUT specifying the TextButton SharedResource?  I'm trying to put 
together a very basic primer on Chameleon for some colleagues, so, 
unlike previous attempts with Chameleon where I just copied things from 
the samples dir, I tried writing a template de novo.  I'm trying to use 
the minimal set of attributes for each widget tag, i.e. the ones in red 
on the documentation page, but for widgets like ErrorReport and 
LegendTemplate, Chameleon outputs no widget, no code, and no error.  
Only when I include the TextButton SharedResource, the styleresource 
attribute, and the popupstyleresource attribute does the widget actually 
show up.

Is this normal behavior?  If so, it should really be listed on the 
widget docs page.  If not, any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Here's an 
example of a non-functional tag:

<cwc2 type="ErrorReport" popupwidth="500" popupheight="400"/>

which should be ok according to


This is all under 1.99b2.  Thanks.


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