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Joel Rivard jrivard at connect.carleton.ca
Wed Sep 1 11:46:29 EDT 2004

Sorry about the duplicate


Thank you for your response.

So this means that the SQL query widget only works with DataBases?

The problem is that the data that I have is not in a database since I 
am simply working with just a few road files in shapefile format.  This 
means that I have to query the Dbase table, which I can't seem to 
figure out how to do with chameleon.

Are there any widgets that can query a dbase table?
I want the user (students in my case)to be able to find the location of 
all the roads.  (ie. the Location of Rosemount Ave).

Can this be done with chameleon?



Julien-Samuel Lacroix wrote:

>Hi Joel,
>Currently the SQLQuery widget can only query MySQL database, but it has 
>been designed to be able to query any other DB available from PHP with 
>only some modification. So anyone who can do PHP code should be able to 
>copy/paste the MYSQL code to whatever they want.
>If MySQL is what you need (or if you add the DB format you want), then 
>check the documentation at:
>In short, you need to specify your:
>server, user, password, DB and query
>It will return your result in a shared resource. Then you ca do 
>you want with it. For example put it in a map if it had lat/lon fields 
>with the MapImageSharedResource widget.
>Or in a table with the Table widget:
>Joel Rivard wrote:
>> Hey List,
>> Does anybody know how the sql query widget works?  I'd like to know 
>> whether or not I could use this widget to query local data for a map.
>> Cheers,
>> Joel
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