[Chameleon] Locate widget

Godwin, Elizabeth Godwinl at AGR.GC.CA
Wed Sep 1 14:57:44 EDT 2004

I've discovered that the Locate widget (using cvs) fails when I'm using
it in my custom application.  
It fails when setting the font to "sans" on line 1051 ish in the Draw
point function in Locate.widget.php.   At least, this is my assumption
as commenting out that line and the next one (set font type to Truetype)
makes the error go away.
Why might it fail here, when it works in the CVS samples?  I'm using the
same font files in the same ../etc/fonts.txt file setup as with the
Also I've noticed that the error triggers one of my custom widgets to
open it's popup, thus causing more errors.
I've noticed postings on the throwing errors to popups, but not the
locate widget problem.  Anyone else experiencing this?
Liz Godwin
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