[Chameleon] Creating my own Widget

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Fri Sep 10 14:53:37 EDT 2004

Sorry I didn't jump in sooner but it looks like you got there in the end.

Note that modifying MapDHTMLWidget.js is not necessary in the general 
case.  The query widget is a special case that had to be handled in a 
way that I am not particularly happy about ... widgets should not 
require changes in other widgets to make them work ... the difficulty in 
this case was that I didn't want the page to be submitted when the user 
clicks, but it is the MapDHTMLWidget that does the submitting :(  This 
is one of the things that I really want to change in the next version ...



Robin Robin wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Just sending out the good news.  My widget now works (well it's working 
> as another query widget at the moment)!  For future reference, here is 
> what I did:
> (I am just creating a widget that is slightly modified from an existing 
> one)
> 1)  In the Widgets Folder, copy the entire folder for the widget you are 
> planning to modify (mine was query)
> 2)  Place a copy of the above folder in the Widgets folder and rename it 
> to your new widget name
> 3)  Open your new folder and rename all the files.  For example, I was 
> using the query widget to make a hotlink widget, so I changed 
> Query.Widget.php to Hotlink.Widget.php.  Do the same for all the files 
> in your new folder
> 4)  Open the YourName.Widget.php and do a search and replace.  I did a 
> search for Query and replaced with Hotlink. Save
> 5)  You may need to do similar search and replace moves on the other 
> files.  I think this would depend on the widget you are creating.  I 
> didn't need to change any other files (not yet anyway:)
> 6)  In the Widget folder, find the MapDHTMLWidget folder and inside 
> that, open the MapDHTMLWidget.js file (you may want to make a copy of 
> this before you start messing with it, just to be safe, just make sure 
> the one you are changing is called MapDHTMLWidget.js so you don't have 
> to change any references to it).  Do a search for the original widget 
> name and add similar lines of code under with your widget name 
> inserted.  For example, I found:
> gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "QUERY" ||
> so under it I inserted:
> gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "HOTLINK" ||
> Make sure that everything still makes sense after you do this.  I forgot 
> to put the || after the query line one time and another I had to remove 
> the ending brackets from the query line and move them to the hotlink 
> line.  It's not hard, you just have to pay attention to what the code is 
> trying to do and make sure it still does the same thing when you're done.
> Now you can add your new widget to your map.  Hope this helps people out.
> Sorry to be so longwinded, I'm hoping this helps out someone in my 
> situation later.  Thanks for all the help.
> Robin
>> From: "Ken Sanderson" <ken at rockies.ca>
>> To: <chameleon at lists.maptools.org>
>> Subject: RE: [Chameleon] Creating my own Widget
>> Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 11:29:29 -0600
>> When I created my Nav tools widget I needed to add some changes to the
>> MapDHTMLWidget.js file in the MapDHTMLWidget folder in the widgets
>> directory.
>> Open that file and look in the functions:
>> MapWchkMouseUp, MapWmapTool, and MapWgetMouse.
>> There are parts in each of those that look something like this:
>>     if((window.gMapDHTMLForm != null) &&
>>        (gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD != null) &&
>>        (gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "PAN_MAP" ||
>>         gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "RULER" ||
>>         gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "QUERY" ||
>>         gMapDHTMLForm.NAV_CMD.value == "GetPoint"))
>>         return true;
>> Its slightly different in each one, but you will be able to recognize
>> it. GetPoint is my widget, you can see how I added it there. Basically
>> since QUERY is in every one I suspect that a query type widget also
>> needs to be there, so put your own widget name in those lists.
>> Ken
>> Miistakis
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>> Sent: September 10, 2004 7:51 AM
>> To: chameleon at lists.maptools.org
>> Subject: [Chameleon] Creating my own Widget
>> Hello all,
>> I am trying to create my own widget and I am running into some problems.
>> I
>> am trying to create a hotlink widget which will work similar to identify
>> but
>> will open a webpage when the location on the map is clicked.  I plan to
>> do
>> this by copying and modifying the query widget.
>> I started by simply copying the query widget and renaming it.  I wanted
>> to
>> check that it still worked once the name has been changed.  It doesn't!
>> So
>> far, I changed the folder name to Hotlink, I have changed
>> QueryResults.phtml
>> to HotlinkResults.phtml and Query.widget.php to Hotlink.widget.php.  I
>> have
>> also changed in Hotlink.widget.php the class and constructor names from
>> Query to Hotlink (as per instructions in an old thread I found in the
>> chameleon archives).
>> When I click on my hotlink button the map redraws and nothing happens.
>> If I
>> click the same point with my identify/query button I get a popup window
>> with
>> the query results.  Since I haven't changed any of the actual
>> functionality
>> yet, both buttons should produce the same results.
>> Are there other places where I have to change/add to files so that my
>> new
>> widget will be recognized?  In an older message someone mentioned
>> changing
>> the MapDHTMLWidget.widget.php but I couldn't tell where it should be
>> changed
>> (I did a text search for query).
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Thanks
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