[Chameleon] Hawaii Demo

Robin Robin querada499 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 14 12:34:10 EDT 2004

thanks.  I think the xml legend with DHTML is what I am looking for.  Is 
there any special way to add individual layers to the legend instead of just 
groups?  I tried modifying the sample_themes.xml and sample_renderer.html by 
adding a <layer param .../> in the global section of the sample_themes and a 
repeat layer section:

[repeat layer]
    <td width="20">&nbsp;</td>
    <td width="20">[layer_input]</td>
    <td><span class="label">[layer_name]</span></td>

within the repeat group section of the sample_renderer

This causes errors:
Notice: Undefined index: layer in 
C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon\htdocs\TemplateProcessor.php(236) : eval()'d code on 
line 163

I'm also wondering if it is necessary to have a radio button like in the 
other legends to indicate which layer is active?  If this is selected, this 
means it is the layer which will be queried if you use the identify button 
right?  If there isn't a button to select, what gets queried?



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>Subject: Re: [Chameleon] Hawaii Demo
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>we can get you the legend used in that example if you wish.  There are two 
>legend widgets that are available in Chameleon ...
>this widget provides access to the HTML Legend Template functionality of 
>MapServer.  There is considerable flexibility in this approach since it 
>allows you to generate text in any format you wish ... I have seen some 
>very cool DHTML implementations that provide the kind of multi-level 
>grouping that provide the tree-like functionality you are interested in.
>The limitation of the HTML Legend Template is that MapServer only supports 
>one level of grouping and it is based directly on the map file.
>This widget avoids the use of MapServer's legend template and was written 
>for use in an OGC environment since the portable document format for OGC 
>applications (Web Map Context) does not support any type of grouping or 
>This widget allows you to define groups of layers and place them in themes, 
>and uses a similar templating system as the HTML Legend Template.  It is 
>way more flexible, but also more complicated (and there is far less 
>documentation right now).
>Because of the templating approach, you can also create complex DHTML 
>effects with this widget.
>HTH ...
>Robin Robin wrote:
>>Does anyone know if the code is available for the Hawaii Demo 
>>(http://www.mapsherpa.com/hawaii2/)?  I am especially interested in the 
>>legend template
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