[Chameleon] Problem with Scale widget

Berend Veldkamp berend.veldkamp at aris.nl
Thu Sep 23 04:36:50 EDT 2004

I'm using 1.99 as well. Most of the time it calculates the exact scale, 
only at one particular mapsize there's a deviation.


Jacob Delfos wrote:

> Berend,
> Which version of chameleon are you using? I'm using my own scaletool 
> with a javascript calculation based on the current mapextents, and the 
> printsize. It then zooms to the newly calculated map-extents. 
> For latlong, I take into consideration the longitude. I use the same 
> calculation in CWC 1.0.4 as I do in chameleon 1.99, but only in version 
> 1.99 I managed to get to the same scale as the user enters. E.g. in CWC 
> 1.0.4, my calculated extent resulted in a scale slightly different from 
> what was 'predicted' (1:100005, in stead of 1:100000). I thought this 
> was due to a ronding error).
> But in chameleon 1.99, I always get the right scale, even if it is 
> recalculating from 1:500 to 1:5000000. I use the same calculation, but 
> for some reason the mapextents can be set more precisely in 1.99. 
> Whatever has changed in chameleon 1.99 worked well for me, but did not 
> find its way into the normal scale widget.
> Paul, where can I see the calculation for the scale widget? Do I need to 
> check the mapserver source code for this?
> regards,
> Jacob

Berend Veldkamp - ARIS

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