[Chameleon] Billingual method of selecting map file?

Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 24 17:59:21 EDT 2004


You could detect the current language through something like:

$oApp['mszCurrentLanguage'] in your index.phtml before you call:

$oApp->CWCInitialize( $szTemplate, $szMapFile  );

if this string is null then you are using your default your default 
language <else> this variable will contain the key of the language you 
are in (eg, en-CA, fr-CA, etc.).

So in semi-pseudo code you could:
$szMapName = 'mymap';
if( language == 'fr-CA' )
   $szMapLang = 'fr';
   $szMapLang = 'en';

$szMapFile = $szMapName . '_' . $szMapLang . '.map';
$oApp->CWCInitialize( $szTemplate, $szMapFile );

This assumes that you have two mapfiles called:



Ken Sanderson wrote:

> I have setup the billingual tools and I see how they are selecting
> different templates based on your language choice, but is there a way to
> also select a different MAP file to use so that I can make my layer
> names Billingual as well?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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