[Chameleon] browser auto-refresh?

Godwin, Elizabeth Godwinl at AGR.GC.CA
Mon Sep 27 15:46:57 EDT 2004

I did some testing.

It seems function MapWhandleresize() in MapDHTMLWidget.js is the
culprit.  It actually calls for a reload.  I changed the code in my

The function MapWPositionMapDHTML which was collecting only IE browsers
is actually also testing for Nav6 browsers.  I changed the code in
MapWhandleresize to test for Nav4 and then the other two (Nav6 and IE)
are running the function.

So it's now:
function MapWhandleresize()
    if (CWCIsNav4)
    else if (CWCIsIE || CWCIsNav6)

Similar things are happening in the KeyMapDHTML widget, but I'm not
using it to test.  I did a search on location.reload for all files in

Now I'm not re-posting in Firefox, or Netscape 7.  But am in Netscape 4.
Although the site looks so bad in Netscape 4 I think it should abandoned
with an error message (IMHO).


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yes ... I actually don't know why it re-submits the whole page ... if 
you figure it out, I'd love to know


Godwin, Elizabeth wrote:
> Hm... that doesn't explain to me while other apps that post don't 
> exhibit the same behaviour.  But I'll continue googling.  No luck so 
> far.
> When I say refresh... I don't mean just what's loaded in the 
> browser... it's re-requesting from the server.  Which is something the

> others aren't doing.  Speed might have affected me noticing with other

> applications, but I would have noticed the POST error.
> Liz
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> Liz,
> this is the way mozilla works.  You can work around it by attaching to
> the onresize event of the body:
> <body onresize="return false;">
> or something like that ... a quick google should get you close ... as 
> I
> am on dialup right now, a 'quick' google is impossible so I'll leave
> to you ;)
> Cheers
> Paul
> Godwin, Elizabeth wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I've noticed an odd phenomenon while working with Chameleon.  It seems

>>that in all mozilla variants, the application will refresh itself when
>>you change the window in some way.  Now..  my first thought was the
> code
>>added to the samples template I've based my app on that included code
>>telling Netscape browsers to reload when there was a resize.  EXCEPT 
>>that I've removed this code.  
>>I went poking and found instances of this code in a couple js files.
>>My question is, is it necessary for all mozilla browsers to do this 
>>reloading?  I thought it was only for version 4 browsers.
>>It's not usually an issue, but I came across the behaviour while
>>in Firefox, having multiple versions of the app open.  If I resize
> after
>>I've submitted a request, I get POST-ing error messages and such.
>>Liz Godwin
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