[Chameleon] Locate Lookup

Joel Rivard jrivard at connect.carleton.ca
Tue Sep 28 08:34:53 EDT 2004


I've tried doing it the quick and dirty way, replacing the 
popplace.dbf, but that didn't work.  I've even deleted the popplace.dbf 
from htdocs/common/phpgeocoder/services/popplace.dbf, and the service 
still works.  This is leading me to believe that it may not be using a 
local dbf.  

I've looked in locate.widget.php and locate.phtml for popplace, but 
with nothing.  I am assuming that these two files indicate where the 
service is going.  I'm thinking that some code must be changed in 
locate.phtml.  I'm trying to find the file that needs the code to be 

Can anydoby let me know if I'm thinking wrong or right?


Paul Spencer wrote:

>Hi Joel.
>I think the place name lookup already uses a local dbf file 
>(htdocs/common/phpgeocoder/services/popplace.dbf), you could look 
>through the code to see how it is done for that service and then try to 
>replicate it for your own.
>A quick and dirty solution would be to replace popplace.dbf :)
>Joel Rivard wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I've been playing with the locate widget and was wondering if it could 
>> be changed to lookup table records in a dbf.  As I understand, the 
>> locate widget currently looks through a gazetteer and returns the 
>> appropriate values.  I would like to have an input box for the user to 
>> input a street and return the result on the map display.  I've looked 
>> through the threads and have found some good bits and pieces but I 
>> can't seem to completely understand, due to some limitations of being 
>> beginner at PHP language.  (If anybody has any good sites for PHP 
>> tutorials, can you please let me know)
>> Can anyone help me find a way to alter the PHP code in the Locate 
>> Widget to allow it to search through my local data?
>> Thanks,
>> Joel Rivard
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