[Chameleon] MapTips widget

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Thu Sep 30 21:51:41 EDT 2004

I recently added (or enabled?) a layer attribute on this widget for this 

LAYER - the layer to display maptips for

Other attributes are:

ATTRIBUTES - the attributes to display in the maptips
DEFAULTTEXT - the text to display if not displaying a tip
TOLERANCE - in pixels, distance around feature to activate the hover
LINK - appears that this must be set to enable link url but I don't know 
why :-0
LINKURL - a URL to open if the user clicks while over the link (leave 
out if you don't want this)
LINKUNIQUEID - an attribute name, the value of which will be appended to 
the link url
MAPTIPSDIV - a <div id=" ... "></div> that you provide in the template 
to display the contents in
ONMOUSEOVER - optional javascript function to call on mouse over a tip, 
disables normal processing (i.e maptipsdiv not used)
ONMOUSEOUT - see onmouseover but for a mouseout event.

Also, you can hide the button by setting visible="false".



Joel Rivard wrote:
> Hello List,
> I've been trying out the MapTips widget and it works great.  I am 
> wondering though if its possible to hard code in a file a certain layer 
> that would always have MapTips, instead of having the user select the 
> layer.
> Can somebody direct me to the correct file to do this with and start me 
> on where to change some of the code?
> Joel  
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