[Chameleon] a few questions

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Fri Aug 5 02:36:52 EDT 2005

Hi Matt,

1), see:

2) page layouts can be changed ofcourse, you probably need to study css though if you don't know it yet and use a lot of div's in your HTML template

3) see the Mapserver WMS Client HOWTO:


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>>> "He, Matt Yubin" <mhe at itsc.uah.edu> 08/04/05 18:09 PM >>>



            I am just starting to use Chameleon to build our map
application. But I have some questions and I did not find answers from
the documentations. I help you can give me some answers:


1.	Version 2.2 documentation only lists some widgets, where I can
get the complete list of widgets and information on each widget? 
2.	I tried to modify the page layout, but it seems page layout is
fixed. For example, I want to move the Lengend/Tool list to the
right-hand side of the map and add an image on top of the Title widget,
how to do it? 
3.	My Chameleon application will access several WMS services; most
of them are ArcWMS from ESRI. Is there any changes on LAYER settings
(METADATA) in Map file? If you can give me an example, that would be






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