[Chameleon] Blank browser

Seiple, Timothy E timothy.seiple at pnl.gov
Tue Aug 9 16:57:10 EDT 2005

After typing the well-formed URL for the default application, I received
an error indicating an invalid template path.  I corrected this and now
the browser simply returns a blank html page (all white).  The same
result occurs when I enter the sample URL for the "single local

Interestingly enough, when I try to load the URL for a single remote
template the browser displays a map and navigation tools which all
function (except there are no data since I haven't figured out how to
connect to the remote host with the WMS manager yet).


1) Is this a configuration problem or might I have to alter path
information in the default template/context files?

2) What is the proper URL setting for the server that allows me to load
the sample "single remote template"?


Ps- I did change "MapDHTMLwidget" to "MapDHTML" in the default template
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