[Chameleon] Two legends in one Chameleon Application

Ivan Kautter ivankautter at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 4 14:24:53 EST 2005

List Serv Subscribers,

I'd like to use two different legends on two different side tabs, one for 
merely controlling layer display and active layers and one for displaying a 
legend proper with color keys and symbols, etc.  Is this possible?  I have 
tried to do this with little success by placing one legend based on one 
template on the Layer tab and one based on a different template on the Tools 
tab.  At this point, I am considering using some sort of PHP scripting to 
control which style of legend would appear on one side tab, but I feel less 
than confident in my ability to do that, as I am brand new to PHP and know 
nothing of Javascript which I would assume would be required to capture 
client-side events to make one or the other legend appear.  So, I'd like to 
utilize the current solutions and tools within Chameleon to accomplish this 
as opposed to fumbling around on my own.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your 
time and attention.

Ivan Kautter

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