[Chameleon] [UNCLASSIFIED] QuickZoom and SQLQuery widget integration

Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
Sun Dec 4 23:20:48 EST 2005


One quick way would be to generate the <select></select> content in your 
index.phtml (initialization file) and output it to your template through 
the use of [$|$].

So, in your index.phtml you would do something like:

$hLink = mysql_connect('mysql_host', 'mysql_user', 'mysql_password');

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM my_table';
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while ( ($aRow = mysql_fetch_assoc( $result )) !== false )
             //write out your <option></option> here
             // something like:
             // $szOptions .= '<option 
             // follow this format:
             // <option 
value="-69.053,44.567;-63.778,48.065|epsg:4326">New Brunswick</option>

// now set your preprocess include for the template
// make sure to set it after you've initialized
$oApp->setVar( 'MYOPTIONS', $szOptions );

In your template you could do something like:

<select onchange="changeQuickZoom(this)" 

You would also have to include a QuickZoom widget in your template with 
it's visibility set to false.  You need to include this widget so that 
the appropriate javascript and markup is included to make it all work. 
I think NAV_QUICKZOOM and SEL_QUICKZOOM are required for parseURL and 
changeQuickZoom(obj) is definitely needed.

disclaimer: untested code.  Write back if you run into issues.

Best Regards,

Dale.Young at brs.gov.au wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have extent information for 100+ regions stored in a MySQL 
> database and would like to implement it in something along the lines of 
> the QuickZoom widget without of having to hard-code.
> I am a new user of Chameleon, and after reading the doco for Widget 
> creation and the JSAPI am a little unsure as to the development path to 
> take.  
> Wondering if anyone might be able to advise?
> Regards
> Dale
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