[Chameleon] Custom Query/PHP Help

Tim Badtke TBadtke at eastcentralrpc.org
Mon Dec 5 16:14:45 EST 2005

I'm trying to get the custom query working for me.  I want to show a
photo index so the user can click a photo and see it in a pop up window.
I found this thread while playing around with the Tiki custom query
I'm having a problem displaying fields.  Here's the code:

   foreach( $aResults as $nLayerIdx => $aResult)
       $oLayer = $oMapSession->oMap->getLayer($nLayerIdx);
       $szName = $oLayer->name;
       if( $szName == 'indx2000' )
           echo 'Photo Number: ' . $aResult['TILE_ID'] . '<br>';
           echo 'County: ' . $aResult['COUNTY'] . '<br>';
           echo '<img src="../photos/2000/'.$aResult['TILE_ID'].'">';
The query prints out
    Photo Number:
with no image.  I'm not very familiar with php but I know that the
$aResult['TILE_ID'] isn't returning anything.  If I just use $aResult I
get the contents of the array - all the fields in the table.  Can
someone point me in the right direction for returning values from the
fields I need?
Thank you,
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