[Chameleon] Query widget hilite raster fatal error

McGraw, Joanne mcgrawj at AGR.GC.CA
Tue Dec 20 13:16:37 EST 2005

Bug and initially suggested solution and correction to solution (I'm sure you'll figure it out): 



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if you can find a solution to this, please file it as a bug and we  
will incorporate it into the 2.4 release that should happen around  
Christmas.  If you think a change to drawmap.php is required, please  
make the change there.  If you think another solution is more  
generic, that would be find too.



On 24-Nov-05, at 5:04 PM, McGraw, Joanne wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a map file that contains a raster, a couple polygon layers  
> and a point layer. All are queryable and with the Query widget I  
> can easily get the attributes for the raster, the polygons and the  
> points near where I click.
> The problem occurs when I then try to use the querymap to hilite  
> the respective elements and turn the Query widget's  
> "highlighresults" attribute to true. No image is created and I  
> receive the following errors at the " $oImage = $oMapSession->oMap- 
> >drawQuery();" line in 'drawmap.php':
> Warning: [MapServer Error]: msDrawShape(): Unknown layer type. in C: 
> \ms4w\apps\htdocs\php_test.php on line 27
> Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in C:\ms4w 
> \apps\htdocs\php_test.php on line 28
> If I turn the querying capabilities on the raster off, the hiliting  
> of the polygon and point layers works fine. So, the problem appears  
> to be that Mapserver is, for some reason, trying to create a hilite  
> shape for the raster.
> Now, I want to be able to query the raster values, but do not  
> require (or even expect) anything to be hilited for it. Mapserver,  
> really, should just ignore those for that process and continue with  
> the rest of the layers.
> Has anyone else come up against this? And, gotten around it  
> somehow? I don't really want to make changes to the "drawmap.php"  
> which could be lost with deployment of an upgrade. The only other  
> thing I can think of is to extend the Query object and create a new  
> hidden variable that lists all the queryable layers and overrides  
> the QueryWMouseClick function, passing a list of gszQueryLayers  
> that doesn't include the raster layer to the drawmap.php call. If  
> that's my best option, that's okay but I thought I'd see if anyone  
> else had dealt with this in some other way first.
> Cheers,
> jtm
> Joanne T. McGraw
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> Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada / Agriculture et Agroalimentaire  
> Canada
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