[Chameleon] Hosting for install chameleon

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Dec 29 09:23:33 EST 2005


I am not familiar with Cpanel hosting, but I will give you the specs  
you need to run a hosted Chameleon app:

* PHP 4.3.x, 4.4.x or possibly 5.0.x
* PHP MapScript 4.x (4.6 is probably best, or 4.8 when it comes out)
* PHP extensions for dbase and GD should be either loadable or  
compiled in

I have heard that hostgis can provide hosting of mapserver-based  
apps, and DM Solutions also offers a hosting service (but it is a  
premium service and is fairly expensive).  You might want to ask on  
the mapserver-users list for other hosting options.



On 29-Dec-05, at 2:28 AM, mickel delay wrote:

> Dear list
> Happy new year
> I decide to publish my application that used from
> chameleon in internet, but i have a question befor
> publishing.
> 1- Can i publish my application in Cpanel hosting ?
> or chameleon have a configuration that i do not ablity
> to set it in Cpanel  hosting and should be install for
> example in Mapsherpa Hosting service .
> 2-what server Hosting support chameleon? please help
> me
> regards
> mickel
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