[Chameleon] WMS browser not finding layers

Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Thu Jul 7 05:33:21 EDT 2005

Hi All,

The WMSbrowser is having trouble seeing the layers of my wms browser. I'm using a simple mapfile on the wms-server, and the getcapabilities request returns a valid xml file. The getmap request returns a valid image. The WMS browser finds the server, and all seems ok, except it doesn't show any layers, only the wms_name of the wms server. In my php log, I get:

[07-Jul-2005 17:24:40] PHP Notice: Undefined index: szServerDataPath in C:\chameleon\demo\htdocs\common\phpwms\manage_servers.phtml on line 52

[07-Jul-2005 17:24:40] PHP Notice: Undefined index: queryable in C:\chameleon\demo\htdocs\common\phpwms\xpath.class.php on line 750

[07-Jul-2005 17:24:40] PHP Warning: Wrong number of fields specified in C:\chameleon\demo\htdocs\common\phpwms\server_data_manager.php on line 1810

I am not sure what is happening. Has anyone had these errors before? I'm using chameleon from CVS june 16 2005, PHP 4.3.11.


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