[Chameleon] download dialogs in eg PrintProduction

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Mon Jun 20 07:05:39 EDT 2005

Hi list,

Chameleon has a few download dialogs, eg in PrintProduction. There is a button "download" in the widget, which then popups a new window with a link "click here to download if it doesn't start automatically".

I was wondering, is there a way to have this functionality not use a new popup window? Did anybody try to implement it?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Bart van den Eijnden
Syncera IT Solutions
Postbus 270
2600 AG  DELFT

tel.nr.: 015-7512436
email: BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.nl

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