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If I understand correctly one way to approach this is to:

1) create a DHTML layer using CWCDHTML_CreateLayer and set its contents to ''
2) document.createElement an iframe into the DHTML layer through appendChild (I don't believe a div itself can have a src)
3) control the position and visibility through javascript via the style object

So, let's assume you've created a div where id="myDiv" using CWCDHTML_CreateLayer.  You could then write the following javascript:

var d = document.createElement('iframe');
d.src = 'http://www.google.ca';
var c = document.getElementById('myDiv');

now, you can control the layer properties through it's style object:

c.style.left = '100px';
c.style.top = '100px';
c.style.visibility = 'hidden';

and so on...

This is one method of creating client-side elements and manipulating them.

Best Regards,

Abe Gillespie wrote:
> With the currently existing JS APIs, is there a way to create a
> dynamic layer (an HTML one in this case, *not* a GIS layer) whose
> content is not static.  I.e. I need to be able to set the layer's src
> to a webpage.  All my requirements are as follows:
> 1.  Layer's visibility is changeable.
> 2.  Layer's position is changeable.
> 3.  Layer's src can be set to a web page.
> If anyone can help I'd very much appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> -Abe
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