[Chameleon] can you access session variables from main application .php file?

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Fri Mar 4 18:19:15 EST 2005

Hello all. Can you access session variables from the application php file?

I have a widget that I have built that adds a user specified point to a 
map, based on their user click, and then pops up a form that collects 
information for the point and stores it in a database. When the user 
first clicks on the map to add a point it checks to see if a username 
session variable has been set. If so then it goes right to the data 
entry form, if not then it goes to a login form. This works well and 
havent had any problems with it.

I have now added some code to the application php page and I want to 
access that username session variable to see if a login has been done 
already or not and if so what the username is. However it doesnt seem to 
be able to see the session variable. Can I not access a session variable 
from a page other than the one it was created on?

Not great with session scripting so any insight would be helpful.



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