[Chameleon] Question on ProjectionLabel

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Mar 15 08:07:24 EST 2005

Hi Thorsten,

turns out that the ProjectionLabel widget was not very robust in 
extracting the espg projection code from the MAP object and some minor 
change has changed how the projection is reported by MapScript.

I've fixed it in cvs for both 2.0 and 2.1.  The fix will be included in 
a maintenance release of 2.0 soon (perhaps even this week!)



PS: for the record, this was logged as bug 988 in the maptools bugzilla

T.Hens at bjoernsen.de wrote:
> Hi List,
> the documentation on "projectionlabel" says, that it display the name of 
> the current projection, but when i look at my application or on the 
> samples i only see the epsg code like "Projection:=epsg:31492", but not 
> the name "Gauß-Krüger, 2. Meridian". The widget parameters in my 
> template are:
> <cwc2 type="SharedResource" name="projection">
>     <projection name="Gauß-Krüger, 2. Meridian" srs="epsg:31492"/>
>     <projection name="WGS 84 / Geographisch" srs="epsg:4326"/>
>     <projection name="WGS 84 / UTM Zone 32" srs="epsg:32632"/>
> </cwc2>
> Who can help me ?
> Many thanks for the great tool!
> Thorsten Hens
> Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
>  http://www.bjoernsen.de
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